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                • HENAN XICHENG ABRASIVES CO.,LTD established in 1999, which is a professional research & manufacture enterprise for resin grinding wheel.Now We are becoming a leading professional producer in resion grinding wheel, as well as production capacity stand front in china abrasive industry.

                  Our products are guaranteed and inspected by China Entry-Exit Guarantee and Inspection Burea.All products are fulfiled European standard EN12413,which product's quality are accepted insurance by People's Insurance Company of China(PICC).

                  Our production system is provided with full automatic product line and PLC CNC tunnel kiln under central air-conditioning.

                  We endlessly optimize production mode as well as satistify customer's requirement.

                  Willing to cooperate with the universal friend to the quality of market-based, honest company of friends, to become the customer's most trusted partner.

                  Company idea: Safety accompany with you.

                  Company tenet: Safety origin from people foremost,Quality enhance value,Good service are gained by customer.

                  Service tenet: Customer reassurance is our aim.

                Copyright © 2010 HENAN XICHENG ABRASIVES CO.,LTD

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